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The first ski lift

This cable sled was the first ski lift in Notre Dame de Bellecombe, and was in service from 25th December 1937 to 18th March 1939, and from 15th December 1946 to 31st January 1948, before being replaced by the first wooden pilon ski lift.

Historic site and monument The first ski lift Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe


Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe (73590)

This device propels itself using a V8 Ford engine. It is mounted on 4 cables, about 800m long each, all fixed to a fir tree at the top of the slope, and to tension counterweights at the bottom. The cables go through a capstan. A gearbox (2 at the front and one at the back for the descent), which is connected to the engine, drives the cabestan. A safety device made of two spike strips could be activated quickly in the event of a problem.

This machine enabled 20 people (seated) to reach the top of Mont Reguet in 6 minutes, with their skis placed in supports provided for this purpose along the seats. The departure took place where the current Terret skilift cabin stands. A driver handled the safe conduct of the machine, sometimes in difficult conditions, given that back in the day, the uphill piste was not groomed and pedestrians regularly walked on it.

The reconstruction of this telesleigh, for the resort's 60th anniversary in 1997, was carried out with passion, during the summer of 1996, by Mr. Emile JOGUET, ski instructor at Notre Dame de Bellecombe, who after much research, had to reconstruct the missing parts of this machine. As part of this occasion, the device was briefly brought back into use in a field next to the tourise office, with Mr René JOGUET, who used to drive it back in 1946, as its driver.

In 2017, for the 80th anniversary, the cable sled was totally restored and showcased in the centre of the village. This restoration is the result of passionate volunteers.

This device, which is unique in France, is now in perfect working order. It now basks in a setting which lives up to its claims. The cable sled is the symbol of the resort's 80th anniversary.


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Chef Lieu 73590 Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe

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