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Les Moulins

The hamlet of les Moulins (870 m height) has got a real history well settle down with its beauty and its heritage, like the other villages of Bozel.

Historic site and monument Les Moulins Bozel


Bozel (73350)

Located close to the lake, “les Moulins” has this name due to the presence of mills which was powered by the mountain stream of la Rosière.

Its chapel is dedicated to Saint-Agathe (celebrated the 5st of February), built between 1484 and 1492 and rebuild in 1659.

While the 3rd century, Agathe leaves in Sicily. Quintinius (Roman prefect) is falling in love of Agathe, but she declines the advances of the pagan. He requires that she deny its God at risk of cut off its breast. She rejects and dies under torture.
She is becoming the Patron Saint of childminder but we also implore her to be protected against volcanic eruption, fire and flood.

Les Moulins is also famous for its excavations: Le Chenêt des Pierres.
Indeed, it is in this area that the first pottery dating of 2 500 years BC.
It is sure that the Tarentaise valley has got human establishment from the middle Neolithic, but it is at Bozel that we find the older human mark of the Tarentaise.
The Chenêt des Pierres is an area located within rocks. It is in 1909 that the first pottery was discovered.
The occupation of the area would be dated between the middle of the 5th and the 4th millenary before our era.

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    Les Moulins 73350 Bozel

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