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Concert: Bardan'

Undefinable! A combination of rock-folk and French song, Bardan's musical expression is through violin, percussion, bass, guitars, accordion and mandolin. A huge energy and a unique, poetic voice. A dark, tender and explosive atmosphere!

Cultural, Entertainment/recreation Concert: Bardan' Megève


On Thursday 25 August 2022 in 18:00:00
Megève (74120)

It's usually the case that when you leave your usual environment, you come back with ideas, hopes, and plans... It's usually the encounter that changes everything, drives out some projects to make room for others. The story is no more complicated than that: it's simply life!
Bardan's story started with Benoît and Olivier, who have always been friends and have been in the music business since the late 1990s. In 2005 they met David in Marseille and contacted Roland, a former contributor to their "self-produced" album. A year later Pierre-Yves arrived on bass, and at the end of 2008 Mike took over the sound. Each band member has his own unique talent, what he can do, what he will do... Each person brings their experience of the stage, of the show, of their life. It is thanks to this that Bardan' has grown so fast and has found a unique and indefinable sound: the Bardan' sound.
Bardan' is a meeting place for friends, they are men whose music is inspired by their hearts and guts, wanting to create an explosion, expressing their doubts and tears, with a bow or a pen...


Free of charge. Fallback to Palais auditorium in the event of rain.


Languages spoken : French


Thursday 25 August 2022 at 6 pm.


70 rue Monseigneur Conseil BP 23 74120 Megève
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