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Saint-Pierre Church: Free access

The Eglise Saint-Pierre et Saint-Clément stands on a promontory, on a steep slope, seemingly defying the laws of gravity! Its striking silhouette grabs your attention from the valley below. It's certainly worth climbing up the slope for a visit.

Historic site and monument Saint-Pierre Church: Free access Jarrier


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Because the church was erected on unstable ground, the builders decided against a heavy, stone vaulted ceiling and chose instead a wooden coffered ceiling, adorned with rosettes. In this church, the flowers grow down from the roof so remember to look up and admire them!
The scale of the ceiling makes it unique in the region but it is not the only thing of beauty in the building: admire the trompe l'oeil vaulted roof, the octagonal dome and the altarpiece covered with gold leaf. And if you want to see something really impressive, then go outside, walk around the church to the side facing the valley where you'll see a vast sundial, nearly 2 metres high. And it still keeps time!

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    Nearby: Chapelle Notre-Dame des Grâces


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    From 17/07 to 21/08/2024, every Wednesday between 3 pm and 6 pm.

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