A wealth of Alpine fauna can be observed while hiking or snowshoeing thanks to measures put in place to protect many species and reintroduce others. 



Although chamois are seen as the symbol of the Alps, ibex are just as emblematic.  
Once overhunted, this species now has protected status and can be distinguished from chamois by its long, ribbed horns. You can spot a chamois from its fine horns and its appearance, which is closer to a deer or an antelope. 

Marmotte et marmotton au lac du Mont-Cenis


The mascot of the mountains is of course the marmot. 
From April to September, outside of the hibernation period, it can be easily spotted on alpine pastures from the whistling sound it makes. 



The mountains are also inhabited by deer, foxes, snow partridges, various types of hares, ptarmigans as well as black grouse, a kind of wild cockerel which lives between the pastures and forests. The lynx, while a very rare sight, is also found in the Alps and lives in remote forests.   
Glance skywards and you may see birds of prey such as a Tengmalm's owl or a golden eagle. The bearded vulture is France’s largest bird of prey, with a wingspan of 2 m 80 cm, and has been successfully reintroduced to Savoie and Haute-Savoie.