Kids: A good introduction to alpine skiing

In Savoie Mont Blanc, we make sure kids are introduced to skiing gradually, with plenty of fun. It’s the best way to encourage them to keep going and, who knows, maybe become a champion one day. 

From the age of 3

Snow gardens

“Snow gardens” provide a gentle introduction to snow sports for children from the age of 3. Attentive instructors pamper toddlers with a mixture of easy descents, games and snack breaks. 

The French Ski School (ESF) provides introductory ski lessons for kids aged 3 and above. Lessons take place at “Piou Piou” clubs, which are specially designated areas with mini drag lifts, magic carpets and giant cartoon figures. Everything is done to help kids learn in complete safety.

Découvrir les jardins des neiges

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    From the age of 4

    Kids clubs

    Kids’ clubs organise indoor and outdoor activities for children aged 4 and above: craft workshops, discovery trails, learning about plants and animals, etc. Sometimes these can be organised directly through the ski school. 

    Fillette au ski - Pralognan la Vanoise

    A star for every level

    Piou-piou club: from age 3, I have begun skiing 
    Bear club: age 4 to 6, I have started snowploughing 
    Snowflake: I can do snowplough turns and have started parallel skiing  
    First star: I can do elementary skidded turns and traverses 
    Second star: I have mastered elementary turns and can side-slip down a slope 
    Third star: I understand the basics of slaloming as well as schussing in dips and bumps  
    Bronze star: I can do smooth turns on all slopes
    Gold star: I can do a timed giant slalom  
    Arrows and Chamois: I am improving my giant slalom (Arrow) and slalom (Chamois) times