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The hamlet of Villemartin (1100 m height) has got a real history well settle down with its beauty and its heritage, like the other villages of Bozel.

Historic site and monument Villemartin Bozel


Bozel (73350)

Located at 3 km from Bozel, Villemartin is the hamlet where you have got many residents (the most important: 350 residents). It is the reason why this hamlet is lively and active.

Until the 18th century, Villemartin was an independent quarter. Villemartin was merged with Tincave and Bozel the 6th of May 1761.

Like the other hamlet of Bozel, Villemartin has its own Chapel built in 1430, dedicated to Saint Jacques le Majeur (Celebrated the 25th of July). He is represented like a bearded old man with a hat with a shell, dressed like a pilgrim with a bag and a stick.
Then, since 1935, every last Saturday of July, Saint Jacques is celebrated during the “Vogue de la Saint Jacques”. It is celebrated during two days since 1972.
This party is nowadays made by the “Foyer Rural de Villemartin”. This celebration is well known for the “soupe des pauvres” (Soup for poor) cooked traditionally by the local resident.

Within the hamlet you can also find a traditional oven still used for party and a “bachal” which is a big basin built with rocks which was used like a watering place for the quarter. They are still numerous in the hamlet of Bozel; you can find a “bachal” in each village.

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