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The chapels in the hamlets

Most of Megève's chapels were erected during the XV11 century, on the initiative of the clergy fighting the Reformation, incited by the need to establish a place of worship in each hamlet, and affirm the identity of each.

Historic site and monument The chapels in the hamlets Megève


Megève (74120)
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There are still a dozen chapels in Megève out of twenty that date back to before the Revolution.
Saint Ann's chapel: called the chapel of the penitents. It is situated near the church and was erected on the site of a very old chapel offered by J.B Perinet in 1734. It has recently been restored by the town councils of Megeve and Demi Quartier.
In the hamlets:
Ormaret: erected on April 8th, 1495. It is dedicated to Saint Felix and Saint Maurice.
Petit Bois: 1715 - The only one with a sculptured tympanum representing Saint Roch. Dedicated to Saint Sebastian, Saint François Xavier and Saint Symphorien.
Vauvray: Dedicated to Notre Dame of Angels and dating back to 1859.
Les Cretets: 1740 - Dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
Les Choseaux: Dedicated to Saint Gervais and Saint Protais and then to Notre Dame des Ermites.
Les Pettoreaux: 1667, and renovated in 1931 - Dedicated to the Visitation and Saint Just.
Le Planellet: Dates back to 1664 - Dedicated to Notre Dame des Grâces and Saint Guérin.
Le Planay: 1639 - Dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Le Maz: 1614 and rebuilt in 1772 - Dedicated to Saint Bartholomew and Saint Clair.
Le Villard: 8 June 1563 and restored in 1775. Dedicated to Saint Lawrence and Saint Nicolas.
Cassioz: 1406 - Dedicated to Saint Andrew and Sainte Barbe.
The former hospice, "Rue des Comptes de Capré" has a chapel, built around 1730 and dedicated to Notre Dame des Douleurs.

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    74120 Megève

    Megève and its hamlets: the Petit Bois, Vauvrey, Ormaret, the Cretets, the Choseaux, the Pettoreaux, the Planellet, the Planay, the Maz, the Villard, Cassioz.

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