Until 1631, the hamlets of Forgeassoud were part of Thônes; the inhabitants being too far from Thônes asked the Bishop for their attachment to Saint Jean de Sixt.

The chapel of Forgeassoud Saint-Jean-de-Sixt


Saint-Jean-de-Sixt (74450)

It is in memory of this annexation to Saint Jean de Sixt that the Curé Cuillery and the inhabitants had built this chapel.
Placed under the name of St Claude and St Bernard de Menthon.
Saint Claude at the place of pilgrimage at that time and Saint Bernard de Menthon, the Saint of the travelers.


Free access.


Languages spoken : French


All year round, daily.


VC n°2 Dite de Forgeassoud 74450 Saint-Jean-de-Sixt
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