• Historic site and monument

St Agathe chapel in Moulin

The oldest and biggest chapel of the valley.

Historic site and monument St Agathe chapel in Moulin Peisey-Vallandry


Peisey-Vallandry (73210)

The current chapel dates of 1449.
It was formerly in the highest point of the village but the road and the urbanization "hidden" it just a little. It is not in a very good condition but keeps all its charm.
One of the most livable thanks to the parishioners of Moulin.
The rosary is recited during all the month of Mary.
The chapel is opened almost always in the day.
Sainte Agathe is one of the Saints very worshipped in Savoie.
She is celebrated on February 5th and it is a custom to make a cake in the shape of hand or of breast.
Born in Catania in Sicily, she was very beautiful and the Roman proconsul Quinten fell in love with her. He begged her to marry him but she refused. Then he called on a woman who was considered as distracting the girls, but this one failed. Quinten placed her under arrest and tortured Agathe unsuccessfully. In a jealous rage, he made her two breasts cut, but in a movement of protection she had a cut hand. To the surprise of the proconsul, the next day, Agathe had found the hand and its breasts. To put an end to this, he made her burn. But when the fire was lit, an earthquake and an eruption shook the island.
Sainte Agathe "arrived" in Savoie where she was used against the fires in villages and she also became the boss of the young mothers and the nursemaids.

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    Peisey-Nancroix Moulin 73210 Peisey-Vallandry

    Located in the hamlet Moulin

    Near shuttle stop
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