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Le Pont des Anglais

One of the oldest metal bridges in the world, the 'Pont Victor-Emmanuel', also known as the 'Pont des Anglais', is still used to cross the Isère.

Historic site and monument Le Pont des Anglais Cruet


Cruet (73800)
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Building for this bridge started in 1856 by the Englishman, Newman, at the request of Victor Emmanuel I, King of Sardinia and the Savoie, who wanted to open a new road. Finished under the reigns of Charles-Félix, then Charles-Albert, the 236m-long structure, with 5 central spans, became obsolete from 1874, when a railway was built on the right bank towards St-Pierre d'Albigny. Today, the bridge is undergoing renovation works.

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    Open daily, throughout the year.


    73800 Cruet
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