• Historic site and monument

Fountain in the middle of the main square

Opposite the Mairie, the fountain was built in 1786 on the site of the town hall.

Historic site and monument Fountain in the middle of the main square Bonneville


Bonneville (74130)

The fountain was the work of mason-sculptor, André Simond, based on the plans of entrepreneur-architect Vagnat, both of whom were from Samoens. It can be compared to, amongst others, the fountains of Thonon, Samoens or Taninges, all of which date from the same period. Of heritage significance in the town, it has been listed since 1942 as a Monument Historique.
It is baroque in style, with a hexagonal basin. The central pillar is also hexagonal, topped with a tapered pyramid, capital and egg-shaped spike. Three of its six flat panels are decorated with bronze masks of a lion's muzzle, lengthened with water spouts. The basin has iron rods embedded in it that serve as bucket-rests.
Initially the fountain was fed by wooden pipes known as "bourneaux", which the fountain itself is often known as. These were replaced in the 19th century by cast iron pipes. It was restored in 2012.

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    Free access.

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    74130 Bonneville

    • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
    • Reserved space 330 cm wide < 20 m from the site

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