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Chapel of Villard-Dessous

The original chapel built here is the oldest in Manigod. In neo-Gothic style, thin and slender, it has the particularity of resembling a small church.

Historic site and monument Chapel of Villard-Dessous Manigod


Manigod (74230)

In the chapel, a statue and a stained-glass window represent Saint Laurent. This saint, tortured on a grill, is invoked to heal burns and skin diseases and also to protect against fires.
Deacon of the Church of Rome, where he died a martyr in 258, Saint Laurent wears a stole and a dalmatic, liturgical garment for deacons, tunic with wide sleeves in Dalmatian wool, worn by the Roman emperors and by great figures. According to oral tradition, during the Revolution, the wooden statue of Saint Laurent was removed from the chapel and hidden under a pile of hay in a barn in the hamlet. In 2002, it found its initial place in the chapel.

As for Saint Clair, he is invoked, saying "Saint-Clair who makes you see clearly", for the protection and healing of the eyes, but also to obtain clear weather, without rain.

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    74230 Manigod
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