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Chapel of Tournance

In 1685, Jean Golliet-Collardoz, from the hamlet of Tournance, had the chapel built.

Historic site and monument Chapel of Tournance Manigod


Manigod (74230)

This chapel was erected in honor of Our Lady, of Saint Joseph, of Saint Anne, of Saint Grat, whom it is customary to invoke especially to obtain the destruction of the destructive insects of the fruits of the earth. For the pastoral visit of 1766, the term Saint Claude was added. It is to these different saints that the faithful address their prayers.

Oral tradition says that this chapel was burnt down but immediately rebuilt: the year 1718 is engraved on the lintel above the door of the chapel.
In 1803, the inhabitants of Tournance and neighboring hamlets (Lachenal, les Plans, Comburce, la Gutary and la Charmette) melted a bell in honor of the Blessed Virgin and of Saint Claude. This bell bears the motifs of the Madonna and Child and the crucifix.

Parishioners go in procession to the Chapel of Tournance on the Monday before Ascension, chanting the Litanies of the Saints in Latin. The parish priest blesses the water according to the rite of Saint Grat and everyone takes it with them to sprinkle their house, their garden and their fields.

The frame of the altarpiece and the stage of the painting, folk art, in painted carved wood, have been restored to their original colors. In their volutes, flowers of fruit trees and fruits announce abundance through the intercession of the Holy Spirit and the patron saints. Also restored: the fourteen paintings of the Stations of the Cross and the chromolithographs they protect, as well as two consecration crosses.

The "Neighborhood" is a very old mutual aid community which maintains the chapel and organizes the use of the common bread oven. Even for a funeral, the neighborhood is there to help and pray for each family.

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    74230 Manigod
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