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Chapel of Montpellaz

The chapel of Montpellaz was erected thanks to donations in 1724 and 1725 from two women of the hamlet: Dominique Chamberoz (widow of Pierre Lambersens) and Maurisaz Rouge.

Historic site and monument Chapel of Montpellaz Manigod


Manigod (74230)

In 1766, the chapel was placed under the protection of Notre-Dame and Saint Claude and in 1829 under that of the Three Kings. Then, in 1843 of St Michael, St Maurice and the Immaculate Conception of Mary (a niche accommodates her statue).

At the time, we came in procession to ask for good weather.
This hamlet on the southern slope, the adret called locally "L'Adroit" is very sunny.

The 19th century painted wooden altar bears the monogram of Mary and the inscription "Regina sine labe concepta ora pro nobis".

The 1827 bell, 35 centimeters in diameter, adorned with a Madonna and Child and a crucifix in two medallions, is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist as attested by the inscription "moutiers fecit anno 1827 sancte johannes batista ora pro nobis ”.

In 1974, the neighborhood had the roof and the steeple redone.
Then twenty-six years passed before this chapel underwent a major restoration at the instigation of the neighborhood. At the end of the work in 2000, a blessing ceremony celebrated by the parish priest took place.

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    74230 Manigod
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