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Resourcing & Health Day - Destress-Detox

The purpose of this workshop is to provide vitality tips through the Yog’Ayurveda art of living in connection with nature. A fusion of conscious breathing, Prana'Dance, self-massage and Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Sporting activities Resourcing & Health Day - Destress-Detox Méribel


Méribel (73550)
Average length : 7h

The first part, by its gentle walk, is an invitation to blend with the elements of nature and feel their presence in our body. The opening of the senses and sensory organs prepares for the rest of the day. Wrapped in a cocoon of greenery, well-being and health, you leave with tools such as self-massage or "health nutrition" advice and an introduction to Ayurveda and chanting meditation to soothe the body and the spirit in you.

Course of the workshop:
• Stretching and PranaDance related to the 5 elements.
• Conscious breathing hike to detoxify/revitalize the body and calm the mind (2h30). • Introduction to Ayurveda, science of longevity.
• Shared picnic with indication the day before of what you can bring to respect the idea of ​​"health nutrition" according to Ayurveda.
• Digestive relaxation and self-massage.
• Introduction to Ayurveda and "health nutrition" advice. (Individual day: personalized coaching)
• Detox cocktail
• Chanting meditation.

--- • Loop through the Bois de la Ramée, the Vallon du Fruit for the picnic and return via Lake Tueda. About 3h30 of gentle walking. Meet at Tueda car park.

--- • Present for the Zen Altitude, August 18th. Free.

---" Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there. »
(Indian proverb)

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    • Collective day on reservation 55€/person or 150€ if you come with 3 or 4 people. For 7 hours of workshop.
    • Individual workshop €150 for 7 hours of workshop

    Special rates for locals and seasonal workers.


    Languages spoken : English, French
    Languages of documentation : English, French


    From 01/07 to 30/09, every Thursday between 10 am and 5 pm.
    À la carte hour on request for individual workshop.

    Average length : 7h


    73550 Méribel
    Start near : Méribel (73550)

    Meet at Tueda car park.

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