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Evian-Neuvecelle walk

This urban walk, known as the "Promenade", allows visitors to discover Evian and Neuvecelle from the heights with a view to Lake Geneva. As a bonus, test a trip to the Belle Epoque aboard the funicular.

Sport Evian-Neuvecelle walk Neuvecelle


Departing from Neuvecelle (74500)
Average length : 02h00
Distance : 2.85km
Signed walking trail
Animals allowed

Starting point: Upper funicular station (Neuvecelle)
Height start: 400 m
Nature of the ground: road / path
Level of the hike: accessible to all
Markings: red

From the upper station of the funicular turn left, pass the tennis courts and at the crossroads turn right to follow the hotel la Verniaz. Opposite the hotel, turn left towards the equestrian center then at the next intersection, turn right. Continue straight on the path from Chez Cruz to the Clair Matin park in Neuvecelle where you can enjoy a vast panorama of Lake Geneva and its Helvetic shore (see: the orientation table).

From the orientation table, go down to the right in the direction of the oratory of Chez Duret, turn right to go along the school group and face the path of Chez Duret down the avenue Rouffin. At the next intersection turn right to take Avenue du Flon. The road crosses the Forchex stream and at the next junction turn left towards the Chapel of Maraiche. Below this one, cross the road to go down, opposite a path equipped with wooden steps. Continue the descent, cross the railway voice and just before reaching the RD 1005, turn right on the small path from the housewarmer to the Redallet road. From there we reach the lakeshore, which we follow on the left towards Evian. At the Palais Lumière, cross the departmental road and go along the left side of the building to go up with the GR "Littoral du Léman".

It is also possible to go back up with the funicular, whose downstream station is behind the Palais Lumière (opposite the Ramuz media library entrance).
Join the rue Nationale, go up the passage of the bottles and at the top of the stairs turn left to engage in the small cul-de-sac Terreaux at the top of which we go right and then at the crossroads on the left before going up the road very steep Nant d'Enfer which leads to the starting point.
To have

The Chapel Maraîche, located in the town of Neuvecelle, at the junction of the roads of Maxilly and Thollon, overlooking Lake Geneva at 470m above sea level. His situation inspires many painters. It is classified as a historical monument since 1921. Built in the 12th century by peasant monks, dependent on the abbey of Abondance, it is dedicated to St. Andrew, patron saint of fishermen.

Its construction took place in several stages: the elegant bell tower would date from the 14th century while the nave would be 1620. Its bell tower, a painting dated 1622, a chasuble and a chalice of silver have been classified since 1924. The rather rich altarpiece of the major altar of St Nicolas de Neuvecelle was transported to the chapel in 1980.The parish Saint André de Maraîche, goddaughter of the church of Thovière of the city of Evian, was visited by Saint François de Sales on September 11th, 1606, during the journey this one in the country of Evian; she disappeared at the moment of the revolution.
The exteriors are easily accessible

Total elevation gain : 180m


Animals allowed

  • Pets welcome
  • Picnic area
  • Car park
  • Orientation board


Gare supérieure du funiculaire 74500 Neuvecelle
Departing from : Neuvecelle (74500)
Latitude : 46.394269 - Longitude : 6.592657
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