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Crête du Mont Charvet Ridge

One of the (if not the) most spectacular hikes in Pralognan, it requires a sustained effort for several hours to enjoy the diverse and contrasting landscapes.

Sport Crête du Mont Charvet Ridge Pralognan-la-Vanoise


Departing from Pralognan-la-Vanoise (73710)
Average length : 06h30
Signed walking trail
Animals allowed

From the Bouquetin parking lot, walk to the village-hamlet of Le Plan via Pont du Vâ Bridge. Cross the village on a lovely narrow cobblestone road with a fountain. At the very end, the hike officially starts on a forest road (trail no. 70).
The trail takes you through Rossa Forest, where spruce trees thrive, as do several species of wild flora and fauna (small fruits, and a couple types of deer).
A the hairpin turn, take the trail to the right that ascends a gully scattered with glacial erratics (boulders) and referred to as “Jettemont." It leads to the small hamlet of “La Montagne”.
Above the hamlet, the strenuous and steep trail no. 77 leads you through the mineral landscape. The slow ascent to Col de la Grande Pierre Pass (2403m) will allow the observant to spot a few chamois and alpine ibex along the way, and maybe even a pair of golden eagles busy hunting.

ALTERNATIVES for the descent
To descend to Rossechets Chalet, you have two options: take trail no. 75 from your ascent through “Jettemont” gully and follow it all the way to Le Plan.
Trail no. 76, known as the “Envers de la Croix” (Backside of La Croix) trail.
This option takes you to the village of La Croix. Leaving a car at the entrance to the village will be a welcome sight upon your return!
Be careful, early in the season the trail is often still covered in snow.
From the pass, the trail along the Mont Charvet ridgeline takes you over gypsum terrain. It is exposed, narrows along certain sections, and is crisscrossed by steep ravines and several bottlenecks. The landscape’s lunar aspect comes from the gypsum slowly dissolving over time. The terrain can be very slippery when wet. In clear, dry weather, enjoy views of the Mont-Blanc Range and the Courchevel ski area right nearby.
It is possible to link up with Saint-Bon vial Le Biol and the Les Avals Valley.
After Col de la Dent Pass, descend towards Col du Golet Pass (you have the option of climbing to the top of Point de Villeneuve), and then continue to “Rossechets” Chalet on trail no. 80, which crosses through densely vegetated prairies that are no longer farmed by locals.

Total elevation gain : 993m
Vertical drop : 993m

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Rock, Stone, Ground, Grit


Animals allowed
Languages spoken : French

Period of practice

From 15/06 to 15/10.

  • Pets welcome


73710 Pralognan-la-Vanoise
Departing from : Pralognan-la-Vanoise (73710)
Latitude : 45.383087 - Longitude : 6.719687

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