Make sure you have the right equipment for your type of biking, level, and health, and follow these recommendations for a successful mountain bike outing.


Downhill or Enduro

Go for the quality of the suspension over the weight of the bike since the slopes and itineraries are (almost) exclusively downhill.

Downhill bikes often have forks with 200 mm of travel in both the front and back. Enduros have numbers around 160 mm. As a bonus, they provide better rigidity and, therefore, more efficiency in the pedalling parts.   

Safety gear is essential for both types: full helmet (with chin guard), knee pads, long gloves, and ideally, a full protection jacket (back, elbow, and wrist protection).

Even if you don’t pedal, or do just a little, your arms and calves can undergo a tough test. Prepare yourself a few days ahead of time with power training exercises to help you maintain the distances and enjoy your outing!


Whether using your own strength or help from a pedelec, alternating between uphill climbs and downhill glides give your heart a good workout.

We recommend this activity only for people who exercise regularly (jogging, biking, or swimming). Since suspensions are preferable, you can settle for a bike with 120 mm to 140 mm of travel.

Favour the weight of the bike and an adapted gear ratio so that you spin smooth circles when pedalling. A “traditional” helmet (without chin guard) and fingerless gloves suffice.   


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     Know your limits

    Regardless of the type of biking you undertake, with or without ski lifts, never overestimate your physical limits, especially when doing cross-country or eMTB outings. If you do, the day will be tough!

    Lastly, pay more attention to the elevation gains than kilometres, as the gains reveal more about the difficulty of an outing. The trails are marked with the same colours as ski slopes, so take that into account as well!


    Common-sense advice

    Test your abilities and form on the green or blue trails before heading for more challenges on the harder routes!

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