Meet a Greeter® in Saint Gervais Mont-Blanc

The Saint Gervais Greeters® welcome you !
We offer to discover our destination in a different way. Come and meet us, we will be delighted to share a friendly moment !

Meet a Greeter® in Saint Gervais Mont-Blanc Saint-Gervais-les-Bains


Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (74170)
Animals allowed

Even if each encounter is unique, the greeters of Saint-Gervais invite you to share their tastes and interests :
Nature walks, villages, architecture, sports and discovery of the Mont-Blanc Tramway or the Thermal Baths, there is something for everyone !

Do you know about the Greeters® ? It is a global community of inhabitants who voluntarily welcome anyone wishing to discover a territory from the point of view of a local.
Meeting a Greeter is the promise of a memorable moment with a loving, passionate volunteer and ambassador of their city or region. Greeters enjoy welcoming visitors as they would welcoming friends or relatives. They offer their time to discover the places they love, tell their story, their neighborhood or village and share their way of experiencing their everyday life.

Do not be mistaken, Greeters are not professional guides ! The places you will cross are only a pretext to meet, and a way to better understand how the local inhabitants live. Come alone or in a group of up to six people for a walk or just enjoy a chat over a drink.

If you believe that travel can be a vector of peace and better understanding between people, meeting a Greeter is for you ! Our community share the idea that travelling should be an opportunity for a real exchange between populations and visitors and that this should not be exclusively an act of consumption. Do not look for a price, meeting a Greeter is 100% free (yes, for real !).

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    Would you like to discover Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc differently, in the company of a local ? Are you a student, adventurer, blogger-influencer or maybe even a newcomer just settled in? Greeters® welcome anyone without discrimination to share a friendly moment in their company. With a Greeters® you will be welcomed as a friend and discover together, often during a walk, nice places that sometimes evoke memories, anecdotes of everyday life. Don't be mistaken, our volunteers are not tour guides but amateurs. With a Greeter, you will simply benefit from the subjective point of view of a local passionate about his city and eager to welcome you and share a moment with you. Of course, the meeting is (really) free, because we wouldn't charge our friends or family. The best way to thank your Greeter? Offer him a coffee, invite him to lunch, spread the word around you ! Did you know that Greeters® are present all over the world and have been welcoming travelers on a voluntary basis since 1992 ? If this movement started in New York, it quickly developed in France. Today there are nearly a hundred communities of inhabitants just waiting for you in France alone!


    The meeting with a Greeter® is (really) FREE!


    Animals allowed
    Languages spoken : French
    Languages of documentation : French

    The greeters welcome anyone without discrimination within the limit of 6 people maximum.

    If our furry friends are generally welcome, please notify your Greeters® in advance so that you can plan not to go to places that are not accessible to animals.


    All year round.
    On request depending on the availability of our volunteers.

    • Pets welcome


    Book *How to register for a Greeter® walk : Make your request to meet with a Greeter® well in advance (15 days minimum). This gives us time to meet your exact expectations and find an available Greeter®. As soon as the registration form is sent, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Our proposal will follow. After mutual confirmation, you will receive the contact details of your Greeter®. Contact him. It's time to get to know each other better to make your Greeters® walk a memorable moment of your stay. Limited to 6 people maximum.


    43 rue du Mont Blanc 74170 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains

    • Hearing disability
    • Mental disability
    • Visual disability
    • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance
    • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
    Motor Disability

    Our volunteers are not professionals but will be delighted to welcome you for an enriching time for all. If accessibility on the street is not always easy, our Greeters® know the city very well and can adapt the route according to your needs. To do this, do not hesitate to notify us in advance when making your reservation and to ask us any questions concerning the accessibility of the meeting place before your arrival, we will be happy to help you. If necessary, our Greeters® who are already on site will be able to check the accessibility of the premises before your arrival. Of course if you are tired or if the course was not sufficiently adapted, tell us on site and we will adapt our walk. With the Greeters®, there is no pre-defined itinerary, so that means that we can follow one adapted to everyone!

    Hearing Disability

    Our volunteers are not professionals but will be delighted to welcome you for an enriching meeting for all. The Greeters® community is a committed and inclusive community, driven by strong values ​​and convictions of welcoming all audiences, without any discrimination. We will do our best to understand each other and try to make everyone aware of the specific needs of our visitors. Unfortunately we don't speak Sign Language, but maybe you can teach us some signs ! However, do not hesitate to let us know in advance or even tell us during our stroll if you had trouble reading our lips !

    Mental Disability

    Our volunteers are not professionals but will be delighted to welcome you for an enriching encounter for all. We will do our best to understand each other and try to make everyone aware of the specific needs of our visitors. Don't hesitate to let us know in advance or even let us know on site if you had trouble following the walk. With a Greeter®, the main thing is to meet, discuss, take the time and adapt to each person's needs. We will be delighted to spend a moment together in all simplicity!

    Visual Disability

    Our volunteers are not professionals but will be delighted to welcome you for an enriching time for all. We will do our best so that you can feel the place like a local by immersing yourself in the daily life of our Greeters®. We try to make each of our volunteers aware of the specific needs of our visitors, but do not hesitate to inform them in advance and also on site of the special arrangements that would allow you to better enjoy this meeting. When a Greeters® offers to take a new look at a destination, this also applies to blind or visually impaired people! Let yourself be accompanied by one of our volunteers and take advantage of his availability to describe what surrounds you, but also how he perceives his place of life.

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