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Reed beds and marsh of Hell

On the west bank of the lake, the reed beds and marshes are protected under three prefectoral decrees issued in favour of biotope preservation (Natura 2000 sites of La Cluse du Lac). The protected areas fall within the territory of Saint-Jorioz.

Lake Reed beds and marsh of Hell Saint-Jorioz


Saint-Jorioz (74410)
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They are located within a precious area of countryside and farmland covering approximately 80 hectares.
Since 2002, the Shoreline Conservatory has owned about 26 hectares of the "Site de l'Enfer" an exceptional green belt on the banks of Lake Annecy comprising a number of different habitats and landscapes:
- the marsh itself, a real patchwork of vegetation dominated by sedge, schoenus, bulrush and purple moor-grass,
- the reedbeds on the edge of the lake which offer shelter to local birdlife,
- the agricultural land, mostly hay meadows, farmed by GAEC du Laudon (dairy farm).
This outstanding natural heritage and exceptional landscape is home to a number of buildings collectively known as "Calliès property". The manor house, which was renovated a few years ago, is occupied by the local council community of the Grand Annecy. The farm buildings house the GAEC du Laudon dairy farm.

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    74410 Saint-Jorioz
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