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Le Synclinal de l'Arclusaz

Seen from the lower vantage point of the Combe de Savoie, or viewed up close via mountain ridge paths, the Synclinal de l'Arclusaz is striking due to its grandiose size and spectacular geometry, plunging you into the geological history of the Massif des Bauges.

Mountain Le Synclinal de l'Arclusaz École


École (73630)
Animals not allowed

The Arclusaz is an excellent example of a perched syncline, illustrating various geological and geographical processes. It is the result of a fold of a thick layer of limestone during the formation of the Alps, around 20 million years ago. Raised upwards and flanked by fault lines, it represents a well-preserved example of the folds which affected the region's sedimentary rocks. Relatively preserved from erosion, the Late Cretaceous limestone slabs can be viewed on the surface, creating a spectacular barrier separating the summer pastures of two religious communities.
The Synclinal de l'Arclusaz is clearly visible from the Combe de Savoie at St Jean de la Porte or at St Pierre d'Albigny. However, in order to reach its centre, you will need to go on foot into the Vallon des Bellevaux, via Ecole.


Free access.


Animals not allowed
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All year round.

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.


73630 École

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