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Lac Blanc

Mountain lake Lac Blanc Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise


Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise (73640)
Animals allowed
Not allowed to be visited


Free access.


Animals allowed
Languages spoken : French


From 30/06 to 30/09.

Subject to snow conditions.

  • Pets welcome


73640 Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise

Follow the small road from the Chenal car park, then the path that goes up to Le Fenil (if you want to visit the hamlet of Monal, you can make a detour on the way there or on the way back).

Pass the Legettaz and after a long crossing in the forest still on the way, reach the small Clou dam. Cross a large flat area near the hamlet of Le Plan. A climb leads to the houses of Balmes. From there we leave the roadway.

A path passes between the two houses and a few meters higher there are signs: follow the direction "Lac Noir". The path passes over a small gorge, a little further on you arrive on the flat side 2419.

Exit the path to the left. A little higher you have to cross the stream: preferably after the confluence of the Nant des Pisses and the Ruisseau du Lac Noir. Climb towards the northwest (we have the waterfall of Lac Brulet in our sights, but we pass well to the left). We arrive at elevation 2750, a very beautiful view of Lake Brulet (2697m). White Lake is due north, but it may be easier to avoid the steep scree slopes by taking a detour to the northeast.

Arrived at Lac Blanc (2850m) we are at the highest point of our loop.

For the descent, you go over a scree slope on the south side of the lake and then descend to a small pass nearby. At the pass you can see almost all the way back: paths lead to the Lacs du Verdet (2727m); take a detour to the largest one, then descend gradually crossing in a west-southwest direction (there are paths, descend little by little to the one you see below). We reach Lac du Clou (2373m).

From there, follow the path that descends to the dam and then find the ascent route.

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