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Grotte de Prérouge

This picturesque and cool site near Chéran immediately opens out onto a subterranean world hidden under the Montagne de Bange. It's been raining for hours? The Grotte de Prérouge might be starting to leak...

Cave Grotte de Prérouge Arith


Arith (73340)
Not allowed to be visited

The hidden entrance to the Grotte de Prérouge provides access to one of the biggest subterranean networks in the Savoie (55km of known channels in the Grotte de Prérouge).
This network siphons off water from the Montagne de Bagne, Bois de Prépoulin, right up to the bottom of the Sommet du Revard, as it through the thick layer of urgonian limestone into a large subterranean web, 860m deep - a record in the Massif des Bauges!
Access via the 911, 500m on the left from the Charniaz crossroads (Lescheraines), towards Cusy/Aix-les-Bains.
Please note: during periods of heavy rain or snow, the Grotte de Prérouge can rapidly rise and flood certain galleries. Don't take any risks - don't venture too far into the cave!


Free access.


Languages spoken : French


All year round.

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Grotte de Pérouge Prérouge 73340 Arith

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