• Electric-assisted mountain bike

Electric Mountain Biking introduction course 8-12 y/o

Our Discovery course will allow your child to discover the electric mountain bike and to learn how to ride it on mountain roads in complete safety thanks to fun and technical workshops. 3 2hour-session + 1 session (supplement) of 3h30 with meal included.

Electric-assisted mountain bike Electric Mountain Biking introduction course 8-12 y/o Le Grand-Bornand


Le Grand-Bornand (74450)
Average length : 2h
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The opportunity to discover electric mountain biking in a fun environment and to learn how to ride your bike on the trails.

Strong point of this training course :
Outings on various terrains
Fun and technical workshops to progress
Optional extra: 4th session: a fun and animated treasure hunt with map and compass to teach the youngsters how to find their way in nature and then savor the "delight" of the Marmot or the treasure of the Bearded Vulture.

What is included in the price of the course (3 sessions of 2 hours: 150 €)
The supervision of a cycling instructor.
The rental of a semi-rigid electric mountain bike for the 3 sessions (for children from 1m20 to 1m55)
All the protection kit of the mountain biker (helmet and gloves yes, but also knee pads and elbow pads for more security)
The first aid kit carried by the instructor.
The mechanical assistance.

Option : What is included in the 4th half day (3h30 at 60 €)
Everything that was included in the basic course
Gourmet picnic of the soil
A treasure map in the form of a life-size treasure hunt
What is not included :
The Marmotte Futée insurance covers against the breakage of an item on the bike during the outing.
Personal insurance.

The outing represents a little more than 1h30 on the saddle to pedal. If your child walks regularly or does another physical activity or sport regularly, he/she will have no worries about following. The electric assistance smoothes the physical levels, it helps considerably, however the child remains the activator of the engine. Don't hesitate to ask our advice if you have any doubts!

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    One price: 150 € (3 sessions all included).

    Wednesday morning Treasure hunt and picnic option: 60 €.
    Equipment included: semi-rigid electric mountain bike for children, helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads (complete safety kit).
    Equipment insurance on request (see Arav'e bike on site).

    Number of participants : 4 pers. Min. - 5 pers. Max.
    Methods of payment accepted : Bank/credit card, Check, Cash, Credit transfer, Online payment, Contactless payment


    Languages spoken : English, French

    from 1m20 to 1m55.
    Beginner or discovery level.


    From 09/07 to 30/08/2023, every Monday, Tuesday and Sunday between 9.30 am and 11.30 am.
    From Sunday to Tuesday.
    Optional: treasure hunt and picnic on Wednesday (9.30 am - 1 pm).

    Average length : 2h

    • Accompanied
    • Weekdays
    • Weekend
    • Equipment provided


    Arav'E-Bike: rental and guiding of electrically assisted MTB


    7195 Route du Chinaillon Le Grand-Bornand Chinaillon 74450 Le Grand-Bornand
    Start near : Le Grand-Bornand (74450)

    • Reception staff sensitized to the reception of people with disabilities

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