So that the mountains remain unscathed, each of us must protect them by embracing responsible behaviour and following a few rules. Adhere to Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre’s trekking charter (French Federation of Hiking). Have a great hike!

Inform yourself about regulations, in particular in protected areas such as nature reserves and parks.

Do not take shortcuts, and stay on the paths so as not to trample fragile species. 

Without knowing it, you can harm biodiversity by the dirt stuck to the bottom of your shoe carrying seeds or sprouts into other environments.

Remember that you are always on someone else’s property. Close gates behind you as you pass.

For the comfort and safety of everyone, do not let your dogs run free. Wild animals will see your pet as a predator.

Take care of the environment by cleaning up and taking all of your debris with you. 

People partaking in other activities use the trails. Pay attention to everyone. 

Do not pick the flowers. Learn how to identify them in their natural environment instead.  

The least amount of noise you make, the better you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of wild animals. Never touch a baby animal; its mother will abandon it.

Follow the instructions. In the event of a fire, ring 18 or 112.

Become proactive on the trails by reporting any problems on the website  (in French).

transportation to take you to the trails.

Stay on roads for vehicles and park in the designated spots.