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Beer, a regional product on the rise

Did you know that Savoie Mont Blanc is one of France’s most vibrant areas in terms of the number of breweries and types of beer? 


Smooth and mild to

strong and bitter

Lager, ale, stout, hops beer, malt beer... Beer comes in a whole host of flavours, from mild to bitter. The fermented beverage has long been part of Savoyard culture.
As far back as the 19th century locals understood how pure Alpine spring water and hops production provided the perfect combination for high quality beer. At the time, breweries dotted the Savoie countryside, yet this expertise slowly died out in the 1960s, ousted by the swift rise in industrial beer production. 

Thanks to the determination and expertise of beer enthusiasts, local production was revived, and the region is now home to some thirty breweries serving tables far and wide. 

Bouteille de bière
Accords bière et fromages de Savoie AOP-IGP
Beer and cheese. 

The perfect combination! 

Surprise your dinner guests by cracking open different local beers to taste with a Savoie cheese platter.  
For example, PDO Abondance cheese goes very well with mild bitter or light hops beer, PDO Chevrotin cheese works well with wheat beer and bitter hops beer, as for PGI Emmental de Savoie cheese, this is best served with smoky beers and caramelised red ales


Discover the breweries

Savoie Mont Blanc has over 30 breweries.

Malt de blé et d'avoine servant à la production de bière
Wheat malt

One of the ingredients in beer