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Yvoire jazz festival: DJ Kosson

Discovering electronic music in 2010, Kosson attended a few events before quickly launching his own business. By turns organizer, promoter and digger, he passed through the stages of Montreal, Lyon and Zurich, before finally settling in Lausanne.

Entertainment/recreation Yvoire jazz festival: DJ Kosson Yvoire


On Friday 05 July 2024 in 00:00:00
Yvoire (74140)
Animals allowed

From his lakeside base, he organizes events such as 'Houseption' and 'Kasual', while regularly releasing 'Indistinct Chatter' mixtapes. Always in search of an authentic, crowd-pleasing aesthetic, he moves easily from a chill-out sound to something more bouncy, without denying his rock roots.


Free of charge.


Animals allowed
Languages spoken : French


Friday 5 July 2024 at 12 am.

  • Pets welcome


Scène sur l'eau Port des pêcheurs 74140 Yvoire
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