The principle : a sail which goes as a jacket. Stability and fluidity offer a unique sensation of slide !

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Taninges (74440)
Average length : 3h
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The WINGJUMP, a product made in France, was created and developed by the Rip'Air company based in Talloires, specialists of paragliding, in partnership with Florian Arot and Marc Dejey; it is a new activity aimed at children, teenagers and adults looking for new skiing sensations.

The target market: from the beginner skier to the expert, depending on the structure of the wing; from the simple skin (flexible wing) to the ram-air wing (flexible wing with inflated profile). The aims depending on the product: Enjoyment on 3 levels (slope / speed / sail); improve safety and performance with a braking system and a better management of speed; make teaching easier; allow for small gliding jumps with a soft landing; protection against avalanches. The range of products for both adults and children, depending on the desired experience, will be available to discover in the resort this winter, allowing a completely safe combination of skiing and fun in the air within the ski area. The principal of WINGJUMP: a sail which is worn like a jacket, making an aeronautic profile.
Stability, fluidity and lift offer a unique skiing sensation, a permanent effect of skiing on powder snow.

During the Fest'Hiv, the opening festival of the resort on Saturday 17th December, a discovery day will be organised with the Rip'Air company, to allow everyone to try out the activity and be delighted by it.

Every week, Praz de Lys Sommand Tourisme offers tasters of this activity during "new sports" session. Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on the period.


One price: from 20 €.


Languages spoken : French


From 18/12 to 10/04, daily.

Average length : 3h

  • Equipment provided
  • Introductory/discovery


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