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Traversez les Alpes avec Jean Annequin, Daniel Dulac et Sylvain Tesson

Embark on a fascinating crossing of the Alps, where the constant variations of weather and landscapes merge with those of emotions. Time will be suspended in the introspective and adventure stories of J. Annequin, D. Dulac and S. Tesson.

Cultural Traversez les Alpes avec Jean Annequin, Daniel Dulac et Sylvain Tesson Chamonix-Mont-Blanc


On Wednesday 29 March 2023 from 20:00:00 in 22:00:00
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (74400)

This meeting is organized on the occasion of the publication of two books:

BLANC, Gallimard, 2022, by Sylvain Tesson:
"With my friend the high mountain guide Daniel du Lac, I left Menton on the Mediterranean coast to cross the Alps on skis, to Trieste, through Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. From 2018 to 2021, at the end of the winter, we were rising in the snow. The sky was blank, the world without contours, only the effort counted the days. I thought I was venturing into beauty, I was diluting myself in a substance. In the White everything is cancelled out - hopes and regrets. Why did I like wandering in purity so much?"

And LA GRANDE TRAVERSEE DES ALPES, Glénat 2022, by Jean Annequin:
"A great journey in winter, from Nice to Vienna, on ski touring. A high mountain guide takes a group of clients from one end of the Alps to the other, in the wildest massifs of France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria: this great ski touring trip, from Nice to Vienna, has been going on every spring for almost twenty years. The author tells the story of this adventure lived together with verve, sharing the art of tracing one's path on original and demanding itineraries, of finely thwarting the traps of the winter mountains while remaining attentive to the men and women who follow in one's footsteps. A lively and surprising story, made of singular scenes, moments of doubt and fatigue. The days stretch out, from the cold of the early mornings to the warm evenings in the refuges - timeless parentheses where life together is a priority. Maps punctuate the fourteen stages, to dream and prepare before setting off on skis."
Jean Annequin : High mountain guide at 25 years old, Jean has a passion for discovering the mountains of the world, a passion that has taken him to the four corners of the earth. Today, as a professor at ENSA, he builds each year a new project to climb a summit or a long crossing. He dreams above all of exploration.
Daniel Dulac : Climbing virtuoso (world champion in bouldering, 2004), Daniel has opened and completed several major routes around the planet. After having trained the French climbing teams, he is now a high mountain guide. Guide and friend of Sylvain Tesson he accompanied him on the crossing of the Alps.
Sylvain Tesson : Geographer by training, Sylvain Tesson is now a writer and traveler. His adventure began in 1991, in Iceland; other journeys followed, notably in Russia, Central Asia and Siberia. He won the Goncourt Prize for short stories with Une vie à coucher dehors (La Loupe, 2009), as well as the Médicis Essay Prize for Dans les forêts de Sibérie (La Loupe, 2011) and the Renaudot Prize, thanks to La panthère des neiges (Gallimard, 2019).
The Landru bookstore will be present on site for the sale of the books " BLANC " and " LA GRANDE TRAVERSÉE DES ALPES ", so you can have them signed.
Free entry within the limits of available places.


Free of charge.


Languages spoken : French


Wednesday 29 March 2023 between 8 pm and 10 pm.


Amphithéâtre ENSA 35 route du Bouchet BP24 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
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