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The Christmas Village: Good Living Bingo

Participate at the lottery with your family and leave with local products and vouchers offered by our merchants as well as prizes from the Samoëns Tourist Office.

Entertainment/recreation The Christmas Village: Good Living Bingo Samoëns


On Tuesday 20 December 2022 in 20:30:00
Samoëns (74340)

The Loto takes place in 3 rounds.
The first is composed of 3 parts: 1 Quine; 1 Double Quine; 1 full card
The second proceeds in the same way.
The third round is the Savoyard lotto. The rules are simple: when the round begins, the players stand up, as soon as one or more numbers appear on one or more cards they must be turned over. When the person has no more cards visible, they have lost. The goal is to make the unlucky ones win.


2€ for 1 card
10€ for 6 cards.

Methods of payment accepted : Check, Cash


Languages spoken : French


Tuesday 20 December 2022 at 8.30 pm.
Card sale at 08:00 pm.


Samoëns Tourist Office


Salle du Criou Sous le Cinéma 74340 Samoëns

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