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The artists' exhibition

Every day until 17 August, the artists will be exhibiting their work in photography, painting, woodcarving and patchwork. 2 workshops will be held in parallel: on 27/07 and 17/08 at Saint Nicolas la Chapelle.

Cultural, Entertainment/recreation The artists' exhibition Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle


On Saturday 13 July 2024 from 16:00:00 in 19:00:00
Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle (73590)


Free entry.


Languages spoken : French

Equipment will be provided for those registered for the courses. A contribution will be requested to cover the cost of the equipment provided. To register, please contact Madame Gendre Dominique on 06 76 51 55 51.


From 13/07 to 17/08/2024, daily between 4 pm and 7 pm.


Mairie à Saint Nicolas la Chapelle Chef lieu 73590 Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle
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