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Street show: Aori Musculus (the strong man)

A street show, with feats of strength and magic performed by an ingenious, talkative strong man for whom everything is easier if you don't think about it. A comical poetic show, the poetry of simple people, which touches all ages.

Entertainment/recreation Street show: Aori Musculus (the strong man) Megève


On Monday 08 August 2022 from 17:00:00 in 17:45:00
Megève (74120)

Vladimir Escomatiev comes from a small province in eastern Ukraine, a few days' walk from Bystrogorskiy. In his village, it is normal that at the age of 8, you knock out yaks with your head or pull ploughs when the oxen are too weak to do so. When he was 13, a circus visited his hometown and the director hired him as a strongman for the modest sum of two meals a day and a place in the animal truck. After a few years, the circus went under. He stayed in Europe and has been wandering around ever since, offering his strongman prowess to anyone who wants to see it. An ingenious colossus who brings old feats up to date.

A street performance in which the audience participates. A reflection on strength and its usefulness today. A piece about the manipulation of heavy objects. A surprising and endearing show that deals with other cultures while making the audience laugh.

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    Free access. Fallback to the Palais auditorium in the event of rain.


    Open to children
    Languages spoken : French


    Monday 8 August 2022 between 5 pm and 5.45 pm.


    66 rue du Comte de Capré 74120 Megève
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