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Starting Block: 100% chick concert

100% female line-up with Nnawa and Cléo Azzo

Cultural, Entertainment/recreation Starting Block: 100% chick concert Bernex


On Friday 08 March 2024 in 20:30:00
Bernex (74500)

Nnawa is a singer with a soulful voice and an assertive hip-hop flow. Her groovy, sun-drenched music reflects her journey, sublimating her feelings with sincerity and spontaneity.
Affected by the life-changing experience of losing her voice and having to undergo vocal cord surgery, she creates a lyric that seeks meaning. Each word, each intonation is an affirmation of her existence, a rejection of the silence imposed on her.
Usually surrounded by the two multi-instrumentalist beatmakers Adrien Fagot and Baptiste Chambrion, she will be accompanied here by Baptiste Chambrion to offer an intimate, acoustic version of their show.
Their compositions alternate between extremes: sometimes they are benevolent recommendations, sometimes they are observations of painful humanity. In either case, the intention is always to liberate.

- SONG -
Mare Sonora is an intimate concert, a musical solo combining songs, texts and documentary sounds, which tells us the true story of sailing on the ocean.
This one-woman show uses loops and vocals to take us into an aquatic universe of synthesizers and multiple rhythms.
With her voice, texts, interviews and sounds captured from elsewhere, Cléo tells us the story of a voyage on the seas, of loves on land,
crowds in love, stormy seas and bitter mussels.
She speaks, in her own words and those of others, of troubled waters far from shore,
dark backdrops and blue reflections, waves, knots, slapping sails, tugging at the ends and all those things that keep us going and going and going.


Full price: 15 €, Reduced price: 10 €.

Number of participants : - 145 pers. Max.


Languages spoken : French


Friday 8 March 2024 at 8.30 pm.

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Starting Block 10, route de l'Eglise 74500 Bernex

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