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Spectacle "Comme un poisson dans l'air"

Like a fish in the air!
Acrobatic aquatic aerial circus show for a palm-roping trapeze artist

Cultural Spectacle "Comme un poisson dans l'air" La Plagne


On Wednesday 28 August 2024 from 18:00:00 in 18:45:00
La Plagne (73210)

In her shell, a treasure chest, she carries all her little marine world. Part fishwife, part frogman, she swims against the current in a world of sharks. Between two waters, she navigates between the whale and the mermaid, categorically refusing to fit into the mould.
Both dreamy and mischievous, LUrLUBERLUE transports you into her quirky, lou "phoque" world, where mischief and poetry meet. Juggling with fish, contorting in her deckchair, vaulting over a paddling pool and fishing for bubbles...

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    Free of charge.


    Languages spoken : French


    Wednesday 28 August 2024 between 6 pm and 6.45 pm.


    Place Perrière Plagne Centre 73210 La Plagne
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