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SNOW film and conference

As part of the theme week "Nature and skiing in Valcenis", Jacqueline FARMER and Cyril BRABANCON present their film "SNOW", followed by a debate with the public and the Snowmakers of the SEM of Val Cenis.

Nature and relaxation SNOW film and conference Val-Cenis


On Monday 10 April 2023 from 20:30:00 in 22:30:00
Val-Cenis (73480)

Passion for skiers, childhood dream, or providence of an alpine village, snow fascinates... and challenges. Under the immaculate white sheet that it deploys each winter are hidden economic and strategic issues. Snow is a sparkling marvel, a promise of irrigation, a sight awaited but made uncertain by climate change. Between North America and Europe, between the whispering of snowflakes and the roar of avalanches, a meteorologist is interested in the complex processes of snow formation and its crucial impact on flora, fauna and human activities.

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    Languages spoken : French


    Monday 10 April 2023 between 8.30 pm and 10.30 pm.


    Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis 73480 Val-Cenis
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