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Show "The wedding of Princess Luciole" by Cie Art'Flex

Medieval tale of a princess who refuses to marry and decides to take her destiny into her own hands.

Entertainment/recreation Show "The wedding of Princess Luciole" by Cie Art'Flex La Chapelle-d'Abondance


On Thursday 23 February 2023 from 17:30:00 in 18:30:00
La Chapelle-d'Abondance (74360)

It is the story of a princess who prefers to fight with a sword and ride a horse rather than staying in the castle and listening to the King, her father who wants to marry her.

Disobedient, Princess Luciole flees to her camp lost in the forest, where she meets a knight mountebank who would rather dance and party than go to war.

Princess Firefly asks this smooth-talking knight to help her build an army to attack her fiancé Prince Rico.

But who is this mysterious Pipo who offers to help him?

In this medieval-style farce, the Princess Luciole and Pipo the acrobat will ask the children of the public to take part in the show and to learn about training, the program:

- foam sword fights
- jousting with a spear and a funny horse
- power struggles
- and the rallying cry

and in the end a referendum on the marriage of the Princess to the applause meter!


Free of charge.


Languages spoken : French


Thursday 23 February 2023 between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm.


La Chapelle d'Abondance town hall


Salle des Fêtes de La Chapelle d'Abondance 18 route de Savoie 74360 La Chapelle-d'Abondance
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