• Nature and relaxation

Self-hypnosis, magnetism & digipuncture workshop

By combining self-hypnosis, magnetism and digitopuncture, this session will bring relaxation while boosting the body's vital energies.

Nature and relaxation Self-hypnosis, magnetism & digipuncture workshop Peisey-Vallandry


On Tuesday 19 December 2023 in 10:00:00
Peisey-Vallandry (73210)
Animals not allowed

Through self-hypnosis, we'll enjoy a moment of deep relaxation that allows us to detach ourselves from the outside world and let go, finally, so that we can reconnect with ourselves.
We will then learn to feel the flow of energy so that we can stimulate and energise it.
Then, using certain self-massage techniques (digitopuncture), we will manually stimulate certain energy points to ensure that the body's general metabolism functions properly.
A little interlude you can treat yourself to, to recharge your batteries and combat stress.


One price: 10 €.


Animals not allowed
Languages spoken : French


From 19/12/2023 to 23/04/2024, every Tuesday at 10 am.


Salle polyvalente de Vallandry Vallandry 73210 Peisey-Vallandry

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