• Commercial event

Sale of compost bins

Sale of individual compost bins organized by the SITOM.

Commercial event Sale of compost bins Servoz


On Friday 01 July 2022 from 12:00:00 in 13:00:00
Servoz (74310)

Two types of composters, made of recycled plastic or wood, are offered for sale, delivered as a kit. They have a capacity of 400L. A 10-litre bio-bucket linking the kitchen and the composter is offered with any purchase. A 100% eco-responsible approach, composting allows you to transform your waste into fertilizer in a totally natural way.
PLEASE NOTE: The supplier of wooden composters has not been able to deliver the composters within the requested deadlines for a few weeks. The SITOM is now completely out of stock. A delivery could take place just before the external sales in JUNE. For the most impatient, we still have recycled plastic composters.
Reservation strongly recommended on the website www.sitomvalleesmontblanc.fr


One price: 15 €.


Languages spoken : French


Friday 1st of July 2022 between 12 pm and 1 pm.


Air conditioning 74310 Servoz
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