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Rock For Kids - Spectacle Est Dans La Rue

Three old rockers have decided to conquer the world by revisiting the nursery rhymes of their childhood. Their aim? To create a hit! With your help, will they succeed in realising their dream?

Entertainment/recreation Rock For Kids - Spectacle Est Dans La Rue La Toussuire


On Wednesday 07 August 2024 from 17:30:00 in 18:15:00
La Toussuire (73300)

In search of a hit, they explore the standards of Rock'n Roll, Blues, Punk, Hard Rock and Metal. From blues-style Pirouette Cacahuète to a metal version of Coucou Hibou, there's no stopping them.

With your energy, will ‘Rock For Kids’ make their dream come true? Rock is not ready to die.

The three enthusiastic rockers, Jack Frap, Titi la Gratouille and Bony Dubagou, return to the stage. By this time the crowd is in raptures, and the ovation so eagerly awaited by the artists echoes through the hall. Jack Frap's drums roar, the electric guitar strings start the melody, Titi la Gratouille is ecstatic, and Bony Dubagou warms up the room and gets everyone moving, clapping their hands.

Rock, yes, but rock for kids.

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    Free access.


    Languages spoken : French


    Wednesday 7 August 2024 between 5.30 pm and 6.15 pm.


    Chapiteau, parking central 73300 La Toussuire
    Information update on 12/06/2024 by Office de Tourisme de La Toussuire