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Play yoga for kids

It is about “playing” yoga with the children or with the family. The workshop is varied with many playful and sparkling components in order to calm the child's mind. The exercises are short in order to maintain the yogini's presence and concentration.

Sporting activities Play yoga for kids Méribel


Méribel (73550)
Average length : 1h

A fusion of simple asanas (yoga postures), balance, movement and coordination exercises, "fun" exercises, motor development and breathing games, small talks, joyful and creative meditations with sung mantras where the child invents his movement.
Creation and joy are at the heart of this workshop.

Calm the mind. Channels and releases excess energy. Develops balance, synchronization of movements and awareness of body and breath.

---• Course of a session:
• Creative and playful warm-up in the form of a dance.
• Prânâyâmâ: conscious breathing games with straws, balls and other tools.
• Kriya: action through simple moving postures to develop balance and body awareness.
• Guided relaxation: integration.
• Meditation: awakening and games around mantras.
• Discussion over a drink.

---• La Chaudanne

--- • Present for Zen Altitude, August 22: 1 hour workshop from 11am to 12pm at La Chaudanne. Free

---" Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there. »
(Indian proverb)


Group workshop by reservation, €10/person.


Languages spoken : English, French
Languages of documentation : English, French


From 01/07 to 31/08, every Wednesday between 10 am and 11 am.

Average length : 1h


73550 Méribel
Start near : Méribel (73550)
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