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Pétanque Week

Petanque lovers, two events in one!
Sunday 21 : petanque competition open to all without the champions, paying, on registration.
From Monday 22 : entry in track of the champions. Guaranteed and free show.

Entertainment/recreation Pétanque Week Valfréjus


On Sunday 21 August 2022
Valfréjus (73500)


Sunday 21 August: petanque competition in doublets by pools open to all (champions do not participate in this competition).
8h30 to 9h30 : registration
9.30am to 10am: drawing of lots for pools of 4
10am : start of the games. The 4 best doublettes (1/2 finalists) will be qualified to play in triplette each with a champion.

Location: at the car park on the Charmasson road (next to the mini golf course).

From Monday: on the petanque courts at the entrance to the resort.

Monday 22nd August :
9am: the 4 doublettes 1/2 finalists of the day before will play the 1/2 finals and the final in triplette (1 champion will come to reinforce each team). At the same time, other champions will play games on the side courts with local VIPs
12:00: the 8 players 1/2 finalists of the tournament are invited by the champions to share a meal taken in common in the restaurant.
2pm to 4pm : demonstration of the 14 champions in head to head, doublets, triplets
5pm : start of the champions/challengers matches.

Tuesday 23 August: continuation of the champions/challengers matches.

Wednesday 24th August : continuation and end of the champions/challengers matches. Prize-giving ceremony in the evening.


5 € / person or 10 € per doublette (for the Sunday competition).
Free for the show from Monday.


Languages spoken : French


From Sunday 21 to Wednesday 24 August 2022.


73500 Valfréjus
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