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Parsi-Parla Festival : Hura

Come and discover Hura, the result of a meeting between Iranian artist Hura Mirshekari and French producer N9nE.

Entertainment/recreation Parsi-Parla Festival : Hura Excenevex


On Friday 14 June 2024 in 19:00:00
Excenevex (74140)

For the first time, their music presents the voice of a woman from Sistan as a cry for freedom within deep, percussive and introspective electronic music.

She breaks the framework of a region of the world where women are silenced, where the traditional language is annihilated, and finds hope through music.
Hura proclaims its freedom loud and clear, crossing borders and echoing around the world, a cause that cannot be extinguished.

They are currently working on an EP combining the Sistani language and electronic music.
On stage, the duo produce a set at the crossroads of the two worlds, where Hura's strength and humanity are accompanied by the intensity and power of N9nE's electronic machines.

The Parsi Parla festival was born of the desire to bring Persian artistic culture, its music, its instruments, its literature and its colours to as many people as possible.


Free of charge.


Languages spoken : French


Friday 14 June 2024 at 7 pm.


Parc du Pré Cottin 74140 Excenevex

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