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Nocturne Élégante: Cocktails & Music

Join us at the Lounge Bar of Hotel Le Kaila for an evening of elegance, featuring refined & personalized cocktails, Blues & Jazz music, and a touch of sophistication.

Entertainment/recreation Nocturne Élégante: Cocktails & Music Les Allues


On Monday 15 January 2024 from 19:00:00 in 00:00:00
Les Allues (73550)

Join us at the Lounge Bar of Hotel Le Kaila for an unforgettable experience in a refined atmosphere where cocktails are true works of art, music creates an enchanting ambiance, and elegance takes center stage.

🍸 Refined Cocktails:
Discover a carefully crafted cocktail menu by our Head Bartender, Marc-Antoine. Unique flavors, innovative blends, and artistic presentations await you.

🎶 Enchanting Ambiance:
Let yourself be carried away by an elegant music selection, specially curated to accompany your evening. Captivating rhythms that will awaken your senses and create a memorable atmosphere.

Enjoy an evening where elegance, exquisite flavors, and enchanting music come together. Invite your friends and loved ones and let yourself be charmed by the unique experience of Le Kaila's Bar.

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    Free entry. Enjoy a tasty discovery with our offer for 2 Classic cocktails revisited and tailored to your taste.


    Languages spoken : English, French


    From 15/01 to 18/04/2024, every Thursday between 7 pm and 12 am.


    Hôtel Le Kaïla 124 Rue des Jeux Olympiques Méribel - Centre 73550 Les Allues
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