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Night snowshoe walk

Come and enjoy a snowshoe walk by the light of your lamps and the moon.

Sports and leisure Night snowshoe walk Saint François Longchamp


    On Thursday 28 December 2023 in 18:30:00
    Saint François Longchamp (73130)

    Departure from the Foyer de Bonvillard. At the end of the outing, lunch at Hôtel Beauséjour. Guidance provided by the ESF. Note: equipment is not provided (you can rent it on site). Reservations must be made at one of the inns (Foyer Bonvillard - 04 79 59 47 93 / Foyer Chaussy - 04 79 64 41 40).


    Full price: 27 €.


    Languages spoken : French


    Thursday 28 December 2023 at 6.30 pm.



    Espace Nordique du Grand Coin Foyer de Bonvillard Montaimont 73130 Saint François Longchamp

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