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Musicales de l'Ouille Allègre - Concert by Consort Hexacorde

Viola da gamba ensemble: four violas da gamba of different sizes converse, respond and unite in music ranging from the Renaissance to the 18th century. On the program: Bach, Gibbons, Purcell, Charpentier and Ferrabosco.

Cultural Musicales de l'Ouille Allègre - Concert by Consort Hexacorde Bonneval-sur-Arc


On Monday 29 July 2024 in 20:30:00
Bonneval-sur-Arc (73480)
4 participants + 130 expected spectators

A consort is an ensemble of instruments, often from the same family, with different tessituras.
Sometimes instruments from different families are used, in which case we speak of a broken consort.
The Hexacorde Consort is an ensemble of violas da gamba of different sizes. Its members have been playing together for years for the public, but sometimes for their own pleasure, as was the practice at the court of Elizabeth of England or in bourgeois circles of the time. It is this unique pleasure of the sound of a viol consort that they share with you in this concert.
The Consort Hexacorde takes its name from the Fantasias on the Hexachord by Ferrabosco the Younger (c. 1575 - 1628), a term that designates the 6-note sequence: C, D, E, F, G, A. The composer uses this suite as a Cantus Firmus, transposed from semitone to semitone, to create a polyphony that takes us on a journey through the cycle of fifths and the music of the spheres: a polyphonic construction that is at once intellectual, tasty and easy to listen to.
Other works on the program include the famous Fantasies by Henry Purcell and Orlando Gibbons, chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach and a Concert by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, whose name will evoke the famous Eurovision theme tune.


Associate member: 14 €, Adult: 18 €, Child (15 years): 12 €.

2-concert pass: 32€.

Methods of payment accepted : Bank/credit card, Check, Cash, Online payment, Contactless payment


Languages spoken : French


Monday 29 July 2024 at 8.30 pm.


Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption Vieux village 73480 Bonneval-sur-Arc
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