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Mindfulness meditation

Meditation offers everyone a moment of respite in an often busy daily life. Contrary to popular belief, in meditating, there is nothing to do or obtain voluntarily, it is rather to observe what presents itself to us in our body and in our mind. To observe is to take a break, sit down (or lie down) and listen. Guided to your feelings, you will reach a state of welcome and inner peace. The meditations of this workshop can also be experienced in movement, by walking for example.

Entertainment/recreation Mindfulness meditation Morzine


On Tuesday 07 March 2023 from 16:00:00 in 18:00:00
Morzine (74110)


7 euros
Registration on line.


Languages spoken : French


Tuesday 7 March 2023 between 4 pm and 6 pm.


Morzine Tourist Office
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Palais des Sports 502 route du Palais des sports 74110 Morzine
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