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"Le Grand Marais" mountain cinema

Come and discover this exceptional environment that is the Tourbière des Saisies. Through the camera and the expert eye of directors Clara and Thibaut Lacombe. You will follow the flagship animal and plant species of the Reserve.

Cultural "Le Grand Marais" mountain cinema Bisanne 1500


On Thursday 18 January 2024 in 17:30:00
Bisanne 1500 (73270)
Animals not allowed

The result is a multitude of interrelated stories, where humans, little owls, badgers and dragonflies coexist without sometimes seeing each other. The camera and the subject are placed at the level of the non-human living to reveal individuals more than species and a sensitive part of our relationships.

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    Free access.


    Animals not allowed
    Languages spoken : French



    Salle des Rosières 73270 Bisanne 1500
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