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Kundalini Yoga et Ayurveda, une alliance exaltante

Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda, an exhilarating alliance!
Yoga, which means union, is a discipline of harmonization of the different physical, psychic and spiritual dimensions of the human being.
Ayurveda is the "science of longevity".

Sporting activities Kundalini Yoga et Ayurveda, une alliance exaltante Méribel


Méribel (73550)

With Ayurveda and Yoga, two sister sciences aiming to balance the person in his singularity, his environment and the rhythm of the seasons, I wish to accompany you and guide you in a global way in the well-being of the body, the mind and the mind.

Self-awareness, transformation and personal development.
Yoga has always coexisted with Ayurveda in terms of the overall health of the being, it aims to maintain the general balance. Yoga means "union", the union of body and mind, physical and mental.

Kundalini yoga is the fruit of the teachings of Indian sages and includes several forms of yoga including Hatha Yoga. It is first and foremost a science of self-realization. Kundalini yoga exercises cover the entire realm of our existence, from the physical, sensory, emotional, mental and spiritual to the highest self-realization.

Powerful and sparkling practice that combines dynamic or static postures (asanas), ethical disciplines, breath control (pranayama), sensory methods, affirmations and visualizations, mantras sung or listened to during asanas and meditative disciplines thorough.

--- • Thematic lessons, such as for example digestion, circulation, energy, stress, anger, sadness..., in a sparkling, playful, purifying and rejuvenating alliance. Feed yourself with dietary advice during class.

--- • Individual or group lessons

--- • Tueda Lake. Meet Tueda car park

---“Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there. »
(Indian proverb)

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    • Group lesson by reservation €25/person for 2 hours.

    • Personalized individual lesson €80 for 1 to 2 people. You leave with a short personalized practice to move towards the healing of the targeted problem. Special rates for locals and seasonal workers.

    Methods of payment accepted : Check, Cash


    Languages spoken : English, French


    From 01/07 to 30/09, every Tuesday between 4 pm and 6 pm.
    Hour on request for individual lessons.

    Subject to favorable weather. Postponed in case of bad weather.


    73550 Méribel
    Start near : Méribel (73550)

    Meet Tueda car park

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