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HMV Cyclo Challenge by Dare2B - Montée cycliste du Plan d'Amont Aussois

Come and challenge yourself by road bike, mountain bike or VAE in an unrivalled natural setting and discover the magnificent spot of the Lac de Plan d'Amont. Starting from the Maison d'Aussois, on closed roads.

Sports and leisure HMV Cyclo Challenge by Dare2B - Montée cycliste du Plan d'Amont Aussois Aussois


On Wednesday 26 June 2024 from 09:30:00 in 12:30:00
Aussois (73500)
100 participants

The Haute Maurienne Vanoise Cyclo Challenge by Dare2B consists of 6 climbs, each more unique than the last.

The Plan d'Amont cycle-touring climb is 5.6km long, starting at Maison d'Aussois and finishing at the large parking lot between the Plan d'Aval and Plan d'Amont dams. It totals 478 m D+.

This year, a new format: add up the altitude difference of each ascent and pass the different levels *.

Each participant will register on site, at the start of the climb, and will receive an HMV Cyclo Challenge by Dare2B support, which will enable them to accumulate the vertical gradients of each of the 6 climbs in the area: L'iseran, Mont Cenis, Aussois, La Norma, Valfréjus and Bellecombe.
Some climbs can be done several times if you feel up to it!

3 suggested objectives:

Bronze level: 1,000 m cumulative vertical drop
Silver level: Reach 2,000 m of cumulative vertical drop
Gold level : 3,000 m cumulative vertical drop

At each level, win goodies from our partners.

Then enter the draw to win the grand prize!
--> Bronze level: your name will appear 1 time,
--> Silver level: your name will appear 2 times,
--> Gold level: your name will appear 3 times!

Push yourself and try to accumulate the most vertical drop!

* Participation in the HMV Cyclo Challenge by Dare2B is not compulsory. You can take part in the cycle touring climb on a closed road without registering.

The D108 dam road will be closed to motorized vehicles for the occasion, but the Grand Jeu chairlift will be open from 9:15 to 11:45.

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    Free of charge.


    Languages spoken : French


    Wednesday 26 June 2024 between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm.


    Maison d'Aussois - Office de Tourisme 43 route des Barrages 73500 Aussois
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